Victoire 822 real weight 29-03-2015 21:16:54

Dear Leden,
I plan to buy a victoire 822 to trailer it behind a SUV. In Germany the maximum weight for such a trailer including boat is 3,5 t. If a given trailer weighs 700 kg, the boats maximum is 2,8t. In the datapaper of the 822 the weight is said to be 2,5t, but what is the real weight? Does somebody of you know?
Important question, because otherwise I have to buy a V26...
Thank you for all answers, Joe

Re: Victoire 822 real weight 31-03-2015 08:29:25

Hi Joe,

In all the files with documentation about the 822 it is mentioned that the weight of the 822 is 2,5 ton. Also the articles in magazines write about 2500 kilo.
In the specification written by the shipyard (1976) it states that the mast of the 1,20 keel boat is a bit shorter and so there is a little less sail on it.
Conlusion: until now I cannot find - in the archive of the victoireclub - any information about more weight than 2500 kilo.

Kind regards, Aike van der Hoeff (V1044 'van zijl')

Re: Victoire 822 real weight 13-04-2015 20:34:44

Sorry, the research is not really finished - but I cannot find out more, except by buying one and weighing it ....
I spoke with a lot of people including some V822-Charterers or one of the construction people from the wharf - nobody knew the exakt weight. But a german ex-owner of an 822/1.20 told me: 3,4 t. A Clubmember sent me a meetbrief of the Johanna (822/1.20): 3447 kg. Last weekend another Clubmember craned an 822/1.20 into water: the crane measured 3.4 tons. It seems, as if 3.4 tons is a realistic weight. That would mean: no chance to trailer a V822. Thanks to all the people who worked on that!