leaky window on V 933 29-04-2009 22:01:39

My V 933 is built in 1988, one window became leaky. Since I\'m not so experienced, I ask to get some advises how to seal it. Main question is, do I have to dismount the window or are there sealants (like silicone) I can use exterior without dismounting?
Dockyard would bill me 130 € approx.

Re: leaky window on V 933 29-08-2009 12:45:55


NO NO Never silicone on a boat! that is so 80\"s. Silicone is a oilproduct and thats not what we want on board, if you have to do polyester repairs or paint jobs you are not happy. But back in the eighties Victoire used a lot.
You can dismount your window but take care its easy out but not so fast in because you have to glue your window back in the frame first/ is your frame clean and sound/ and after that when you refit it with a lot of bolts the question remains : is this watertight?
I myself fitted new windows in my 822 and now i am going to start on my 933 1985 no 137. I found a windowfactory wich makes very good windows for our use , you get a sleek ( no bolts ) outside with a fixing frame on the inside wich fits very good. I initiated a windowrenewal for the Victoirecludb wich i hope to put in the next clubmagazine in wich i wil invite everyone how wants to change windows . I managed to get a good price if we order together . I wil make a step by step acvtionplan so no one has questions on wat he wil meet on the way.
I give you a short indication of wat you wil meet; not al screws retain the window but a few retain the polycover on the inside. When the window is out you wil notice there is wear around the holes where water penetrated, these hole must be cleaned and with window renewal closed with epoxy.
I can mail foto\'s of the result and have diffrent referecies on victoires.
Take note i am not commercial busy on this but just a Victoire fanatic.

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