Vraag uit Canada! 24-03-2008 08:08:03

I have a question related to propeller pitch. I have a 1044, Hull 10/88 with a Volvo 28 hp & 120S saildrive. It origionally had a folding prop that disintegrated and I replaced it with a 3 blade fixed Volvo prop.
This has reduced my speed by about 1 knot at 2200rpm.
I was trying to find out what others are using and perhaps I can have the pitch changed.

Our vessel may be of interest to the group. She was bandoned in mid Atlantic in 1991 and spent 4 months adrift. A fisherman from Newfoundland salvaged the boat and towed it in (135 miles SE of NFLD). I bought it from the insurance, repaired it, sailed it south to
the Bahamas and back, and extensivelly cruise here in Newfoundland with her.

Dismasting was the cause of the abandonment, the 3 crew were returning from the carribean and were rescued by a container ship.

Obviously, Victoire build a very good vessel.
If you can assist me on the question, I would
appreciate it.

Jim Miller

Re: Vraag uit Canada! 26-03-2008 13:02:26

Hi Jim,
Fascinating that one of the 1044\'s is \'sound and safe\' in New Foundland, thanks to you. One of the 1044 owners in Holland will surely be able to answer your question about the prop. If not, I\'ll ask the shipyard that recently did the maintenance of our Victoire 933.
Another matter: each Victoire Yacht has a so called \'building number\'. Our 933 is for example number 146, out of 289. What is yours? In most cases the number can be found under seats or drawers, signed with a marker. As far as I know only 54 1044\'s were built. Right now the 1044 is called the 35 (back to feet) and the first 35 is in production.
By the way, are you planning to come to Europe? It has been done with a 933, so with yours it should be \'easy\' (don\'t lose the mast). If you do, we\'ll welcome you, of course.
In the meantime I found your Seaschool Newfoudnland, and a picture of the 1044 \'Vagrant Sea\': http://www.seaschoolnfld.com/contact.html. Looks grate.
Regards, Aike van der Hoeff, V933 Kompaan a.vdhoeff@xs4all.nl

Re: Vraag uit Canada! 11-04-2008 20:17:45

Hi Jim,

Your Volvo engine needs, according to Andijk Scheepstechniek, a 16.5x11 lhs d-3 2blade folding prop. Hope you can find one, and that the type is still in use.

Regards, Aike van der Hoeff